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Title: Love x Love
Star Trek
Genre: Fluff, Genderbending, various AUs
Pairing: Kirk/Sulu, Kirk/Girl!Sulu, Girl!Kirk/Girl!Sulu, Girl!Kirk/Sulu, Tribble!Kirk/Tribble!Sulu
Rating: So G it huuuuuurts
Warnings: Genderbending?
Made for: The [info]kirk_sulu holiday exchange, for . I hope you like this! I originally wanted to write your first prompt but ended up ~struggling~ (so sorry to [info]enkanowen, who took the time to beta the unfinished fic, I swear I'll finish it someday!) Includes your likes of AU and genderbending.
Notes: Colored by a brilliant RL friend who puts up with my fannish pursuits. She made this beautiful, no? ;_____; I haven't drawn in forever, actually, and these chibis are not my usual style at all. Hope they're still somewhat decent?

Love x Love )
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Title: Hot Tin Roof
Genre: PWP, Slash
Word Count: ~10,500
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Underage (Sam is 16), major cliche alert, barebaking, pushy bottom!Sam, more sex than is healthy or realistic in such a short time frame (blame it on the pheromones)
Written for: spn_j2_xmas and locknkey! Oh my god, I'm sorry that this is posted so last minute, I started this two months ago, I swear, but every time I returned to it with the intent to look it over for edits, I ended up adding more porn! Hope you like it, locknkey! I loved all of your prompts so much that I wanted to write all of them, but I managed to stuff in as many of your likes as I could :D (dunno if Dean is necessarily smart in this one, but it is admirable how much stamina he has)
Notes: Once upon a time, I wondered things like how people could write PWPs that were over 5K. Now, I look back and laugh at my naivee.
Beta: None, all stupid mistakes (including this title) are miiiiiine.
Summary: In which Sam gets whammied into sprouting cat ears and a tail, Dean does not want to talk about his feelings, and there is much porn.
Disclaimer: No ownership was claimed in the making of this porn.

When it comes to girls, it’s usually Dean who leads them both into trouble, dick-first, and Sam, already a total smartass at sixteen, who never stops giving him shit about it. Which is why Dean’s pretty much gonna hold this over Sammy’s head for-fuckin’-ever. )
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I was so excited when I saw the December KB mini-challenge, because I've been bookmarking stories in Diigo under tags like "Semen Play" and "Marking/Tattoos" for this express purpose! Some recs are from kink bingo entries, but I tried to make most of them non-KB entries.

Fandoms: Glee, Merlin, X-Men: First Class, Supernatural, Supernatural RPF, Sherlock, Criminal Minds, Star Trek, Hetalia, Thor
Kinks: Bodily Secretions, Humiliation (Situational), Whipping/Flogging, Dirty Talk, Mechanical/Technological, Obedience, Bites/Bruises, Sleepy/Unconcious, Wet/Messy/Dirty, Authority Figures, Plushie or Furry Kink, Penance/Punishment, Body Alteration/Injury, Fisting/Stretching, Chastity Devices, Sex Toys (Non-Penetrating), Foot/Shoe Fetish, Humiliation (In Public), Medical Kink, Breathplay, Uniforms/Military Kink, Vanilla Kink, Wrestling/Grinding, Orgies and Decadence

My Card

Recs this way! )
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Title: Five Universes Where Hikaru Sulu Fell in Love With Pavel Chekov at First Sight (and the One Where He Literally Fell)
Author/artist: [ profile] silverfoxflower
Recipient's name: [ profile] meteorfire
Beta: [ profile] mightyyawp
Rating: PG-13
Series: STXI
Pairing/Characters: Sulu/Chekov, very vaguely hinted Kirk/Spock and Scotty/Gaila
Word Count: 5000
Disclaimer: No ownage whatsoever
Summary: Pretty much the title :D
Warnings (if any): N/A
Author's notes: I really hope this is to your liking, [info]meteorfire! I smashed together a couple of your likes: humor, kid!fic, AUs.

“You can call me Pavel.” The kid offers another of those bright smiles, and Hikaru should be too fucking tired to feel like he’s just gotten his breath stolen away. )
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Yay! This year's Kink Bingo was tons of fun, not the least of which were the amazing fics that I was able to read. Here are ten totally arbitrary non-mod prizes (sorry, I *fail* at banners, so just have my undying love, yeah?)

Clicky for Recs from Thor, X-Men: First Class, Supernatural (TV & RPF), Merlin and Suits! )
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Title: Halloween Howl
Genre: PWP, Slash
Word Count: ~1500
Pairing: Germany/Romano
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dub-con of the Romano "NO means yes" variety, randomly werewolf!Germany,
Written for: [info]julesie_g, who bemoaned the lack of Germany/Romano in the world. I hope this was okay? My muses beat this thing half to death before I could salvage the pieces D:
Notes: Just in time for halloween! This is the first piece I've been able to squeeze out in a while D: I'm so out of practice.
Beta: None, but I'm looking :) PM me if interested, especially if you're good at thinking up titles (obviously, I'm utter rubbish) and summaries.
Summary: Somehow, Romano is tricked into wearing a skimpy outfit and knocking on Germany's door on Halloween night. Too bad that Germany is conviently a werewolf and looking for a mate.
Disclaimer: No ownership was claimed in the making of this porn.

The door creaks open, like the scene of some horror movie, only worse than a crazed serial killer, there’s Germany.  )
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Wow! I can't believe I finished (most) of my goals for this year!

My card:

My bingos:

Fills (ordered left to right across the rows)

Fills )

My (crappily edited in paint) extras:

Pink = postage stamps
Blue = single line bingo
Red = double line bingo

Extras )

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Disclaimer: I am not an authority on caning. I have done some research but have not tried anything. The following are my rather uninformed opinions. Thanks :D
Read my ramblineg meta thisaway ... )
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Title: Com'on Baby (Drive Me Crazy)
Genre: slash, Genderbend, PWP
Word Count: ~3200
Pairing: Male!Hungary/Prussia
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic, messy, kinky sex. If that requires a warning.
Fills: The double line extra, 'Sex Toys Under Clothing' and 'In Public' of my [info]kink_bingo. This prompt on the[ profile] hetalia_kink meme. It can be read anonomously HERE.
Notes: This is so filthy, I'm a bit ashamed to be honest.
Beta: None, but I'm looking :) PM me if interested, especially if you're good at thinking up titles (obviously, I'm utter rubbish) and summaries.
Summary: Prussia loses a bet and has to wear a vibrating egg. In public. Which Mangary controls.
Disclaimer: No ownership was claimed in the making of this fic.

Yeah … thinking back, the strange light in Hungary’s eyes really should’ve tipped him off.  )
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Hey flisters!

I'm auctioning my fanfic writing services for Help Somalia <3 Take a look? I'd be willing to write sequels/spin-offs for any of my completed pieces, as well as the following fandoms:

Firefly (any pairing/character/gen)
Supernatural (Sam/Dean)
Leverage (any pairing combination of Hardison, Eliot and Parker or ensemble gen)
Naruto (any pairing combination of Kakashi, Iruka, Sasuke, Naruto and Sai)
X-men: First Class (any pairing/character/gen)
Merlin (Arthur/Merlin)
Sherlock (Sherlock/John)
Hetalia: Axis Powers (any pairing/character/gen)
Star Trek: Reboot (any pairing/character/gen of XI canon characters)
Myths/Fairy Tales/Disney (any pairing/character/gen)
Thor (any pairing/character/gen)
Crossovers of any of the above.

Additional Info (optional):

I watch TV shows really slowly, and am behind on both Merlin (anything beyond Season 1) and Supernatural (anything beyond Season 2). Everything else should be caught up, though. That being said, I specialize in AUs and PWPs.

I'm down with pretty much every rating and kink except necro, scat, watersports, gore/painplay/bloodplay, graphic non-con, and graphic pregnancy/labor.

Starting Bid: $1

I am offering: One fic, 1K-5K words


Nhnah, I'm nervous!
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Title: Infatuation, This Fixation (or, Seven Conversations on the Same Thing and One on Something Completely Different)
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Slash
Word Count: ~3700
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka
Rating: R
Warnings: Non-graphic slash, details that don't follow canon
Fills: The Bodies/Body Parts square of my [info]kink_bingo.
Notes: This is technically the first Kakashi/Iruka story I had ever written. There is another on my journal, I wrote it after this one and posted it before, largely because I couldn't make myself look at this for a long time. Now, I don't even know why I was so nervous. Rereading this, I have to say I completely fell in love with it all over again. But now I've probably jinxed myself and you're all going to hate it.
Beta: None, but I'm looking :) PM me if interested, especially if you're good at thinking up titles (obviously, I'm utter rubbish) and summaries.
Summary: Iruka thinks it's ridiculous, the reason Kakashi won't stop bothering him. That is, until he finds himself falling in love.
Disclaimer: No ownership was claimed in the making of this fic.

Iruka wondered if it would be impolite to laugh. He did it anyway, because he had nothing to lose. “That’s why you’ve been prepositioning me – most inappropriately, mind you – every day? Because you have a neck fetish?” )
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Fandom: Hetalia

Rating: PG-13
Warnings: One possibly NSFW picture
Summary: Crossdressing maids!
Characters/Pairings: Chibitala/HRE, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Germany, Prussia, Russia/Lithuania, Lithuania/Poland, England
Notes: Fills the double line extra (Crossdressing, Domestic) of my [info]kink_bingo. Erm, credit for art would be appreciated for these since I found most of the art on zerochan and the like.
> Art credit for 5 belongs to Chancake at DA. Thank you [info]izzyninjajedi!

 Total Icon Count: 20


Read more... )
Please enjoy, comment & credit!
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Fandom: The Curse of the Golden Flower, Memiors of a Geisha, House of the Flying Daggers
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
001-005: The Curse of the Golden Flower
006-010: Memiors of a Geisha
010-014: House of the Flying Daggers
Notes:   Fills the Orgies/Decadence square of my [info]kink_bingo. Hopefully. Mostly a desperate attempt to make up for the fail that was my Sulu/Chekov Regency AU. It was a bit hard to convey Decadence through icons, so I added a bonus picspam from The Curse of the Golden Flower (which is just gorgeous and unneccessary enough that I hope I'll meet my decadence quota).
Total Icon Count: 14


Read more... )
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Made By: [info]silverfoxflower
Fandom: Marie Antoinette (2006)
Character/Pairing: Marie Antoinette, assorted others
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Marie eats cake and looks pretty.
Notes: Fills the Orgies/Decadence square of my [info]kink_bingo. Obviously, I went with decadence. Er, practice for my real fill.

Total Icon Count: 8


Let Them Eat Cake )

Please enjoy, comment & credit!
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Title: Learning to Leap All Over Again
Harry Potter
Genre: Angst
Word Count: ~1400
Pairing: Cho Chang-centric, implied Cedric/Cho Chang, muggle!OMC/Cho Chang
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nudity, non-sexual kink exploration
Notes: Fills the Suspension square of my [info]kink_bingo.
Summary: Cho Chang lives her life dreaming of levitation.
Disclaimer: No ownership was claimed in the making of this fic.

When Cho Chang was all of ten years old, her then-babysitter levitated her three meters off the ground and left her there for an hour. )
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Title: The Roundabout Seduction Job
Genre: Slash, Humor
Word Count: ~1400
Pairing: Eliot/Hardison
Rating: R
Warnings: Nongraphic referenses to mastrubation and sex
Notes: Fills the single line extra (Domestic/Tradesman, Penance/Punishment, Oral Fixation, Pictures, Crossdressing) on my [info]kink_bingo.
Summary: “Eliot Spencer, you are one oblivious son of a bitch.” Hardison stared at the camera condescendingly. “Do you know how hard it is to seduce your ass?”
Disclaimer: No ownership was claimed in the making of this porn.

Eliot was tracking beads of sweat down the back of Hardison’s neck and violently resisting the urge to lean over for a taste )
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Title: The Butler, Bought and Paid For
Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
Genre: Slash
Word Count: ~1500
Pairing: Sebastian/Ciel
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Underage (Ciel is sixteen)
Notes: Fills the Prostitution/Sex Work square on my [info]kink_bingo.
Summary: The Earl of Phantomhive is a teenage boy. With needs. Luckily, he has a butler who always provides.
Disclaimer: No ownership was claimed in the making of this porn.

By the dawn of Ciel’s sixteenth year, all of Phantomhive manor had long accustomed itself to his increasingly taxing adolescence.  )
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Title: The Right Stripes
Library Wars
Genre: Het, PWP
Word Count: ~2400
Pairing: Komaki/Asako, Tezuka/Asako, Asako --> Dojo, Asako/Iku's jacket
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dirty, dirty, girl masturbation fantasies. Stealing one's roommate's jacket without their knowledge and masturbating with it.
Notes: Fills the Uniforms/Military square on my [info]kink_bingo.
Summary: Asako is a librarian with a military fetish. Lucky, then, that she is surrounded by men in uniform.
Disclaimer: No ownership was claimed in the making of this porn.

Have fun. Asako texts back, hoping the lack of a darling and the flagrant period on a sentence fragment would tip off Iku that she was being sarcastic and bitingly so.  )
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Title: The Late Song of Longing
Genre: Gen, Slash, Fluff, Angst
Word Count: ~1800
Pairing: child!Hong Kong+China, Korea --> China, Russia --> China, Japan --> (imaginary!)England/China, America+China, France/China
Rating: R
Warnings: Nothing really.
Notes: Fills the double line extra (Bodies and Body Parts and Vanilla Kink) on my [info]kink_bingo. Written for this prompt on the [info]hetalia_kink meme, with the fill posted here.
Summary: Also known as: 'Five Times China's Silky, Gorgeous Hair Was Appreciated, and the One Time It Was REALLY Appreciated' Except with less crack.
Disclaimer: No ownership was claimed in the making of this porn

When wet, it reaches to the middle of his back, slides around his shoulders, leaves droplets of water wherever he dips his head.  )
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Title: Slap on the Wrist
Author: [info]silverfoxflower
Genre: Pre-Slash
Word Count: ~1000
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Somewhat sexualized violence (caning) on a coerced, long-suffering individual (John). UST
Notes:Fills the Caning square on my [info]kink_bingo.
Summary: Sherlock is up for another experiment. John thinks he might as well go along with it.
Disclaimer: No ownership was claimed in the making of this porn

“You seem to complain quite a bit for someone who went to a Catholic primary school,” Sherlock rolled the thin wooden rod between his fingers, making a considering sound at the weight and feel of it. A whole different animal compared to the riding crop.  )


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